All About Inspiration: Dave Boyle, Amanda Small, Gerald Cupchik, Karin Lindner, Janice Francisco

By November 29, 2019 Liquid Lunch

Call it Creative Problem Solving, Integrative Thinking or Epiphanies, it’s ALL ABOUT INSPIRATION, hosted by Dave Boyle of Engineered Awareness (

There are 2 ways our simple brain can solve complex problems:
1) Analysis – break down the problem and look closely at all the pieces, and
2) Inspiration – feed the problem to an unknowable entirety of your mind, and catch the solution when it emerges.

Analysis is like differentiation in calculus and inspiration is like integration.
Analysis can solve your problem, inspiration can solve multiple problems at once. Analysis is predictable and time spent doing it can be justified to your boss. Inspiration is a gamble that may or may not pay off, is weird, spooky and often inspires animosity from those who can’t do it, towards those that do.

The emphasis of this seminar is What Is Inspiration? It’s the I in CMIE: Concentration, Meditation, Illumination and Elaboration. How Can We Have More Of It? And get more out of each one? Our panel of guests: Amanda Small, Director of People & Culture at Jibestream, Gerald Cupchik, U of T Professor of Psychology and Aesthetics, Karin Lindner, Manufacturing Mental Strength Trainer and Executive Coach, and Janice Francisco, Creativity & Innovation expert and CEO of BridgePointEffect.

Topics Include:
How Stress, Preconceptions, Pipe Dreams and Psuedo Knowledge will ruin Inspiration
How to practice Inspiration by being funny
How to Train Your Mind to produce more and better Epiphanies

Event Itinerary:
0) networking
1) an introduction by Dave Boyle
2) panel discussion
3) open discussion with the audience, and
4) meet, mingle and be merry

The event will be recorded and a link to the video made public. Admission is pay what you can ($12 suggested, or less if that’s arduous), dress code is casual, and the mood is civilized and sophisticated. There will never be another evening like this one! Here’s my blog post on creativity technique and see you there!

The Psychology of Problem Solving. A short educational video about what psychology tells us about how people solve problems.

Dave Boyle 2019 11n 22

1. definition of problems
2. Data collection, what is going on
3. Cause analysis, why, what is going on here
4. Solution planning n implementation
5. EValution of effect, did it work?
6. Standardization, make it simple from all experiment
7. Evaluation of process

dont get caught in a loop, every solution is a new problems