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By September 22, 2019 Liquid Lunch

Tamara Maddalen ( performs three songs from her CD album “Mint Green Mercury”. Tamara was born in Italy, grew up in Brantford, and now ramping up her musical career from Burlington,Ontario. Here interviewed on Liquid Lunch with Hugh Reilly and performing three singles from the album.

Fresh off of receiving rave reviews for her single “Rearview”, singer-songwriter Tamara Maddalen releases “Cosmic Fail.” The song delivers a combination of roots rock set to bluesy boogie-woogie rhythm complete with the twang of Pedal Steel guitar. “It references letting go of fears with a call to action for anyone who’s fed up with self-doubt and negativity in their life and ready to counter with positivity,” explains Maddalen. “It’s about returning to music with passion and getting your power back.” Smart URL:

Canadian singer-songwriter Tamara Maddalen premieres the music video for “Rearview” the second single from the forthcoming full-length album, Mint Green Mercury. “The song is for anyone who has faced the difficulty of letting go and moving forward in life,” says Maddalen, “once unstuck the “Rearview” represents looking back at oneself reflectively but from a place of healing and growth. “Rearview” delivers a free flow of nostalgia and melodic emotion. Mesmerizing and soothing vocals float over a sea of languid pedal steel guitar and sweet organ set to a steady hypnotic groove of bass and drums.

“Rearview” Single:
“Rearview” Video:

Canadian singer-songwriter Tamara Maddalen fearlessly re-emerges
to deliver a soulful blend of sweet sounds of the Deep South.
Singer-songwriter Tamara Maddalen once again graces the Canadian music scene with her beautifully crafted songs and clear, powerful vocals after a recording hiatus.

Since 2015, Tamara has been engrossed in writing, returning to the studio in 2017 to collaborate with producer/engineer Justin Koop (Walk Off The Earth, The Shyp, Tomi Swick, Newworldson), at Burlington’s B Town Sound for her third upcoming full-length album; Mint Green Mercury.

The album is a nod to fond early memories of cruising around in the family’s 1977 mercury listening to the sounds of the Deep South, the likes of Bob Seger, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bruce Springsteen and on. All of these influences weave their way through her arrangements and lyrics on this upcoming trove of adult alternative original songs. On offer for Mint Green Mercury is a distinct contemporary Americana sound including elements of country, roots-rock, folk and R&B all set to the timbre of Tamara’s arresting voice.

Tamara immigrated from Turin, Italy with her family at the age of three to settle in Brantford Ontario. A budding musician from the start, Tamara’s first public singing performance was at the age of 6. Tamara released two previous solo albums (Self- Titled, 1998, and Feeling Pretty, 2000) earning her a performance at Guelph’s famed Hillside Festival. She later shifted focus from pursuits as an original artist to play in local cover projects and became a commercial flight attendant.

During this departure from her creative song-writing self, Tamara was impacted deeply by the fraying of relationships provoked by issues of addiction within her own family. Coping with these experiences and profound feelings of loss and renewed hope became the unwitting factors in cultivating a return to her first passion; music. Once again writing songs became her greatest outlet and source of strength. The result has been an inspired collection of over 30 original songs, 13 of which are featured on her upcoming LP.

Motivated by the need to create compelling, emotive music and share her art with her audience, we can expect to see some raw, honest music from Tamara. Since reinventing her sound in this new foray, Tamara has produced two in-studio videos for her songs “Cosmic Fail” and “Headlong”, and has aligned with a team of seasoned, industry professionals to reach her ambitions. The future of this talented musician is intriguing as she heads into the album release nationwide on Canadian Radio.

Stay tuned for new singles from Mint Green Mercury coming soon and a full-length release in 2019.

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