Problem: Most start-ups have trouble explaining their offer or product to potential clients, investors, and stakeholders in a way they can truly understand.

Solution: We produce in-depth video interviews with blockchain leaders and executives to help markets and investors understand your technology, business model, and likelihood of success.

Be a guest speaker (in person or via skype) at our weekly blockchain meetups in downtown Toronto. Or book a stand-alone interview at a time of your convenience.

Since 2006, Hugh Reilly has interviewed hundreds of business owners and executives about their business, and has been doing so in the blockchain world since 2013.

These interviews allow potential stakeholders of all kinds to truly understand:

  • Your technology

  • The business case and business model

  • The management team and its philosophy

  • The unique reasons why your business will succeed

Book your session now (limited time half-price offer for attendees of the Blockchain Impact Summit: $127). Book five sessions in advance for $500. Perfect for keeping stakeholders up to date with the latest developments. Regular updates are an absolute essential when building your community’s ecosystem.

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Blockchain Interviews

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