CALLING ALL VEGANS with Sue Spahr and Alec Bosse – August 26, 2019

By August 28, 2019 Liquid Lunch

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ABSOLUTE (IM)PERFECTION: Monique Chan from Bruized is on a mission to change how we view food and is creating a demand for….the imperfect! The company is a passion project, co-founded with Eva Perchanok, which develops creative and tasty ways to rescue and upcycle local bruised, scraped, interestingly-shaped fruits and veggies into tasty and healthy (yes, this isn’t a contradiction) snacks and beverages.

THE PUNK ROCK PROFESSOR: Dr. Lauren Corman has the dream job as an Associate Professor of Sociology teaching in the areas of contemporary social theory and critical animal studies. We heard from her regarding the importance of intersecting movements, the dynamics around slaughterhouse labour, as well as her time spent amplifying the voices of animals through the popular “Animal Voices” radio show and podcast which she both hosted and produced. Time ran out, but we have lots more questions for her.

TORONTO VEGAN CHRISTMAS DAY: How many more sleeps?! From September 6 to 8, 2019 at Harbourfront Centre, the Toronto Vegetarian Association will be hosting its 35th annual VegFest. TVA Festival & Events Coordinator, Lainey Oleka, chatted with us about the festival’s humble beginnings (I actually attended the 2nd annual) as well as some of what we can expect from the tasty green monster into which it has grown.

As always, Alec regaled us with his THAT’S A (VEGAN) WRAP segment…with his cousins on the couch. You’ll just have to tune in to understand what I’m talking about.

Huge thanks to Chris for working his magic to make this show possible and to ThatChannel for allowing us the use of the space for a steal of a deal.

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