CALLING ALL VEGANS with Sue Spahr and Alec Bosse – May 13, 2019

By May 15, 2019 Liquid Lunch

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WHEN EAST MEETS WEST: Joshua Gilbert Crosby was a former Ottawan/now a British-Columbia-based actor and model. He left ice-cold-in-the-winter and boiling-hot-in-the-summer Ottawa for gorgeous BC. Knowing how much people from out West like to tease Torontonians, etc. about how glorious it is out there, we let him get it out of his system right off the bat and made our first question “How’s the weather out there?” Follow this delightful young talent to learn more about his career, veganism, and activism.

Check out his demo reel:

MAMA VEGAN…ANY TIME YOU WANT HER: We were joined by the one-and-only Mama Vegan (no little Mama Vegans in tow this time), All Lazare, to share news of her latest project, “Ally’s Kitchen: Comfort Food”, a recipe book of 100 easy, delicious, budget-friendly plant-based meals for veggie-curious omnivores, hardcore vegans, and everyone in between. She has started a Kickstarter campaign to help support the publishing of this initiative…but the clock is ticking and the window of opportunity closes the morning of May 23rd, so let’s see if we can help her hit her funding goal on this worthy project. I pledged my support as soon as I found out about this cool venture! Thanks for the vegan honey…honey!

Ally on plant-based food: “I’m a comfort food kind of gal. Mac and cheese is part of my soul, nachos are a food group, and ice cream, well ice cream solves everything. So, if I was going to make this change, it had to include plant-based versions of all my favorite comfort foods. And for me, it wasn’t just about replacing them, it was about making them taste as good, or even better, than their non-vegan versions.”

Support the Kickstarter campaign here:


Gabriel Nadler (AGAIN!) – Friends or Food:

LIGHTS, CAMERA…AGNES!: Beloved animal rights videographer and photographer, Agnes Cseke, is usually found hiding behind her camera lens, but we yoinked her out into the harsh glare of the studio lights to learn more about her. Tune in and fall in love with this lovely lady!

YouTube: csekeagnes

Water for Pig Angel Victims in Toronto’s Heatwave:

Former cattle farm worker, Corey Kerrigan:

Animals Feel:

MELANATING THE MOVEMENT WITH MELANATED VEGAN: Usually, the most popular person in the room is the one who brings the food…until someone brings a dog! Charlene Forde and her canine model, Romeo, sat down with us to talk about her company and to show us all of the cool designs she has come up with for her T-shirts (just in time for summertime veg fests, pop-up markets, and other vegan-ly events), children’s clothing, hats, tote bags….and even accessories for the discerning companion animal! Our gratitude to her for the elegant T-shirts she brought for us!

Words from Charlene about vegans sharing the cute and funny sayings on her vegan apparel brand: “Let’s face it, they either love us or hate us. Why not sport your trendy vegan tee and see how many carnivores you can annoy!”

Check her out right here: @melanated_vegan

Gabriel Nadler – Gaiaisi – Gaia’s Eye – Vegans Are Weak:

MR. VEGANTORONTO WAS IN DA HO– USE!: We welcomed our dear friend, Scott Garant, to the show. Much like Alec before him, he was promoted from audience member to guest…and I gulped when I noticed him eyeing up both of our spots while he was on the show. He’s an articulate and wiiiide-open-minded animal rights/environmental activist, a very cool secondary school teacher of the deaf, American Sign Language/English interpreter, and he likes to offer people a ride and then make them walk 30 minutes to where his car is parked.

There was no “That’s A (Vegan) Wrap!” this week. We got too chatty!

As always, huge thanks to Chris for working his magic to make this show possible and to ThatChannel for allowing us the use of the space for a steal of a deal. Anyone interested in having their own Internet show or podcast, or even just wishing to rent reasonably-priced downtown space, should contact the studio for more details. They will do their utmost to work something out with you to accommodate your budget.

Okay, THAT is a Vegan Wrap. See you on May 27th!