CALLING ALL VEGANS with Sue Spahr and Alec Bosse – September 23, 2019

By October 1, 2019 Liquid Lunch

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WHAT’S UP DOC?: Two vegan sisters + a ton of different food allergies + making allergen-free plant-based cheese = Vegtago! Jessica and Christy Lalonde want to promote healthy living through producing and developing healthy vegan cheeses that are both delicious and fit the needs of consumers who are vegan and/or have food allergies. You won’t BELIEVE what it’s made out of…and it’s delicious!

GROW APPLE TREES AND HONEYBEES…: Hermes Unity wants to Fruitify The World! And being the epitome of good health and well-versed on the topic, he’s the perfect ambassador for doing just that. Learn more about possibly the kindest “diet” on the planet, short of being a breatharian.

Huge thanks to Chris for working his magic to make this show possible and to ThatChannel for allowing us the use of the space for a steal of a deal.

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