Correcting Political Correctness in Canada: Peoples Party of Canada

By May 9, 2019 Liquid Lunch

Please join us as we take on the topic of Correcting Political Correctness in Canada.

Joining Max are three other panelists who will bring their expertise and experiences to the table.

Jared Brown is a Trial Lawyer from Toronto. In 2017, Jared stood alongside Dr. Jordan B. Peterson testifying before the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee on government compelled speech.

Lauren Chen is a Youtube Content Creator and host of Pseudo Intellectual on BlazeTv. Lauren brings a unique and candid voice to social and political commentary.

Bruce Pardy is Professor of Law at Queen’s University. Bruce has been an outspoken critic of politically correct dogma, including the compelled Statement of Principles requirement imposed by the Law Society of Ontario and of the capitulation of universities to social justice ideology. 2019-05m-01