Crypto Sponsorships

CryptoBay (ThatCryptoChannel)  consists of a weekly meetup, broadcast live and archived on Youtube, using a meetup group with over 1200 members and a Telegram group with 200 members. Meetup interviews and videos are pubished on Youtube and available to crypto-enthusiasts worldwide. Different options are available for sponsorship:


Tier 1: $100

Message sent out to our Telegram list (200 recipients) and Meetup group (1200 members).


Tier 2: $200

Includes message to Telegram list and Meetup group plus logo on Meetup and/or web page.


Tier 3: $250

Mention on the video itself and a hotlink to sponsor’s URL in the Youtube description.


Meetup Appearance: $500

This is a single appearance to present or be interviewed about the sponsor’s project or business. May bring banners, swag. Sponsor gets a hotlink, file, and live streaming on one or more platforms. Sponsorship payment may be accepted in tokens.


Meetup Sponsorship: $1000

The entire meetup is dedicated to the sponsor’s product or company.  used entirely for presentation by or about the sponsor. Includes video streamed live and published to Youtube. No admission fees are required by attendees, but refreshments are provided.

Link to waves meetup as example