Denne Goberis And Sheffanessea Brown from Equal Parenting for Children

By May 17, 2019 Liquid Lunch

Denne Goberis is the founder for Equal Parenting for Children. EPFC is the belief that the child can have their independent voice at the table. The organization was created by parents coming together to make an organization that believes in equal parenting where it helps educates other parents and children that even with divorce, children still need both their parents and their extended family.

Sheffanessea Brown has been fighting for equal parenting for children before joining the organization. One day a member of EPFC saw her FaceBook page and asked her to meet others who had the same vision. Even though there’s mostly men in the organization Sheffanessea Brown makes sure others are aware also women feel the same way.

How to get in touch with EPFC:
Twiiter: @EPFC5
Website coming soon

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