Dipti Swain demonstrates Mindful Diya, promoting family togetherness

By July 12, 2019 July 30th, 2019 Liquid Lunch

Social entrepreneur and joy catalyst Dipti Swain (https://www.uandmeritual.com) has developed Mindful Diya, a tool for relaxing and enjoyable family meeting and powerful interactive mindfulness practice. It includes a series of 15-minutes audio guides that leads to relaxation, expression of affection and mutual sharing like events of the day, gratefulness, courage, dreams and valuable life lessons.

Set the daily alarm, put everything away and gather around Mindful Diya for 15 minutes of restorative and undistracted family meeting with people you love and live with.

Give your family the gift of 15mins ritual of togetherness with mindfulness that will set them up for a lifetime of awareness and magical human connection.

​15 minutes of regular practice helps families
Reduce stress, anxiety and loneliness
Feel calm and relaxed
Develop sense of belonging
Improve awareness of well-being
Improve essential skills like listening, patience, authentic sharing and attention etc

This ritual practice leads family to restore deeper interpersonal
connection and communication.

Dipti Swain 2019 06 25 on https://thatchannel.com with Hugh Reilly and Susan Kuti.