Essential Video Package: $2497 $697

In the age of relationship marketing, this video package gives you everything you need to begin and develop important relationships with key stakeholders even while you sleep. This package lets you tell your story, and gives present and future customers and investors an understanding of you, your products,  and all the reasons they need to do business with you. Includes your most mission-critical CALL TO ACTION. Don’t lose any more site visitors who prefer to get their info in video rather than text form!

Your interview on ThatChannel is an opportunity to promote your product, service, concept, project, idea, or vision to the world. We’ve created this video offering to help you do just that.

Video connects you better to the stakeholders you need: customers, clients, investors, suppliers, employees, and more.

Here’s what you get included in this package:

  1. Long-form interview (20-30 minutes) with your founder, CEO, or spokesperson. The interviewer is a skilled host and business professional asking all the right questions about your business or venture. The idea is to get to know the people and the motivation behind your business.
  2. Short distilled marketing video (1-3 minutes) with essential messaging taken from the longer interview, plus relevant imagery and/or b-roll. This video will give anyone an accurate and compelling snapshot of your business in less than three minutes!
  3. Commercial. Use our easy template to create the script for a commercial that can be continually targeted to your ideal audience on TV or the internet.
  4. Thousands of guaranteed genuine views for any one of these three videos.

Here’s how your videos can be used.

  1. Long-form video can be used on your “About Us” page on your website.
  2. Short-form marketing will generate traffic and business for you around the clock from Youtube. Video can also be used as a quick video introduction on your home page.
  3. A commercial can be targeted to the audience you most want to reach and can be redeployed at any time as part of any new campaign
  4. Long-form video can be used to create unlimited other videos as you see fit (ie. use excerpt to create FAQ videos, for example.
  5. All of these videos can be integrated into your social media strategy and shared on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and more. You can even embed the video into your email signature!

How it Works; What to do:

  1. Call Dee at 647-932-2063 now to schedule you’re  20-minute video interview. She will email you questions that will help with your interview session.  The questions will focus on the issues faced by the target audience of your choice
  2. Identify your main goal and target audience. Your host will work with you to make sure you get this essential information on video and craft a compelling call to action.
  3. Let the host help you paint a detailed picture of your company, product(s), and what makes you stand out in the industry.
  4. Identify how best to use these videos (website, social media, email, etc), and identify the target audiences you want to reach (investors, distributors, clients, for example)
  5. The interview will function as a stand-alone video on Youtube driving traffic to your website, but will also be used to create the short-form marketing video (and possibly other videos)
  6. ThatChannel will work with you to develop a strategy to use these three videos to meet additional goals and objectives.