Friday Music Party $ MAKE MONEY

Live music show/party with up to 80 of your closest friends and fans. Great for bands, musicians, performers, poets, and sages (and their producers).

Here’s what you get:

    1. Live music event video streamed to the world from
    2. Multitrack (up to 16 tracks) audio recording of event
    3. One stereo mixdown for live video
    4. multiple music videos for all songs played.
    5. Get paid!

Here’s how it works:

    1. Book a date to do the show. You get 3 hours of studio time (say 9pm thru midnite on a Friday).
    2. Purchase a minimum of 60 tickets at wholesale price ($10 each)
    3. Artist resells tickets for retail price of $20 each to friends, family, fans, and supporters – and earn $600 profit for the evening (or give all your friends and family a huge party for free!)
    4. We stream live and record for youtube, so your people elsewhere in the world can tune in live or catch it later.
    5. Artist walks away with video of entire event, which includes stereo mix, USB with separated tracks for each instrument (then they can mixdown on their own with Protools etc)


  1. Create separate videos for each song.
  2. Greenscreen stuff
  3. Professional audio mixing/mastering
  4. Create 1 hour show that can be broadcast on regular TV.