Ganja Yoga is for real and it’s happening in Toronto!

Lu, owner of Toronto’s House of Yoga (714 Bloor St West, Toronto 647-896-9642, ( is joined by fellow yoga instructors Joey and John to discuss the health benefits of yoga enhanced by marijuana. In conversation with Hugh Reilly and Redhawk.

With over a decade of practice in Hatha and Ashtanga yoga, I have started to realize that yoga is fundamentally a way to live a happy life, from one moment to another. Regardless of the reason why we start practicing, we find that yoga becomes a release of one’s greatest potential: It helps to establish a structure for self-realization. The practice of yoga is a transformative progress, it does not provide the soul with a new way to see, but rather, it transforms that who does the seeing. It is a path to knowledge and wisdom about the self and the universe. It has allowed me to discover a sense of wholeness and presence in my life. If you want to become a yoga teacher and inspire others, check out to learn more about the art of teaching.

My yoga journey includes self-study of Swasthya yoga with Mestre Derose of Brazil (who was, for me, the best teacher of the world!). Also, I have learned by teaching yoga with beautiful people, such as Dee Dussault at Follow Your Bliss, and Capoeira Lua. I have studied Ashtanga yoga at Downward Dog Yoga in Toronto, and I have also attended numerous workshops with Seane Corn, Ann Greene, Rodney Yee, Todd Norian, and Mark and Shankara Darby.

In my yogic path i became a raw foodist, and since then became a raw food advocate. My teachers are David Wolfe and Daniel Vitalis (the master of water). I also competed as a light-weight bodybuilder in Toronto and achieved a second place in the championship. The discipline of bodybuilding awakens a deep respect of the physical body. I studied at Humber College to become a certified personal trainer. I began working as a trainer at Bally Total Fitness Toronto and Fit for Life. I have studied many forms of martial arts, such as judo, boxing, jitsu and capoeira (a Brazilian martial art). I fell in love with the latter because of the powerful union between body, mind and spirit that it requires. In 1995, I was Brazil?s judo champion in Rio de Janeiro.

After my third child, I chose to stay home for a number of years to nurture my family. It is through these beautiful souls that surround me that I have learnt patience, respect, perseverance, compassion, understanding, friendship and love. My family has lead me to my yoga path. I am so fortunate and grateful, for they are why am where I am today. In 2009 I opened my own space, The House of Yoga, to teach to others that which yoga has taught me. As well as an advocate for the holistic practice of yoga and nutrition, I am a cannabis and psychedelic activist, encouraging students who are drawn to wisely use plant medicines to transform their consciousness and find lasting joy. Students tell me that I am authentic, happy, peaceful, and grounded, and I love sharing my gifts with the world!!

John Farley

Morning Meditation. Self practice guide. Extended practice. Night Owl Flow.
Extended Equilibrium Yoga Practice. Meditation/Flow/Relaxation/Meditation.

The focus of these classes is to bring balance and equilibrium, physically, mentally and emotionally through a practice of guided meditations , full body reallignment and balancing Hatha Vinyasa yoga followed by guided relaxation and rest and then a personal meditation reflection period.

Joey Lundgreen
Speaking for himself, stepping into yoga as a practitioner, he is reminded and communicates to remind others that yoga is about unification, not posing, poses, or posers.

Joey’s ‘yougatonement’ class is about you starting from where you are and meeting that with respect and without apology while gently pushing the boundaries not only of the physical but mental emotion and non physical too.

In ‘yougatonement’ you are encouraged to follow your own unique inner knowing and experience over any teacher’s voice and capability, it is your practice, your life. ultimately your responsibility to make your practice yours and your decision how to use the balance of your personal situation with the assistance, instructions and tools offered to go beyond your limits. Common & uncommon physical movements and poses are welcome guests in his classes. as are other modalities of movement and non-movement meditation, plus other unexpected twists yet to be seen.

A bit about Joey.. Joey is the word that Australians use for a baby kangaroo, like the word puppy for a baby dog, it’s usually a name that kiddos loose when they become either Joes or Josephs as “adults”. He has noticed that recently he’s been introducing himself as Joe lately which feels good too him, perhaps he is ‘growing up’. Ultimately you can call him anything for sure, but Joe does love that he is a Joey. a kid alive, healthy, and not so serious, and his practice reflects that.

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