Joan Montgomery: Corruption, Lies, and Fake News

By July 26, 2019 Liquid Lunch

This is an urgent matter that affects the Canadian middle and lower classes- with special emphasis on Women across all provinces. This case needs immediate funds for the Supreme Court with USA intervention- as it involves the USA infrastructure and security.

Our concerns as a country are 1. the Environment and Climate change; 2. Justice; Accountability, Freedom and Opportunity – and addressing the instruments of abuse – Fraud, Crime and Money laundering- and a lack of financial/personal accountability for the wealthy robbing the Canadian infrastructure via infrastructure theft; above the law theft of public funds; manipulation of the media and Fake News,buse of illegal drugs and pharmaceutical crime; fraudulent manipulation of Canadian courts and Privy Council office, CCRA fraud, Accounting firms fraud and crime; a lack of accountability by senior Police, RCMP by Politicians and bankers, and corporations.

There is more than enough monies in the Treasury for Justice, Medical resources, and Education. It is the looting the treasury by all 3 principle political parties and involvement with syndicated crime, that inflicts an artificial poverty on our citizens. Corruption, power, entitlement and excessive greed are the root of evil enslaving Canadians. People increasingly feel institutions of government are making their lives worse not better. Control of society by a self-appointed superior class using neo-liberal policies is incompatible with any true form of democracy. As we have seen in history, people will always rebel against tyranny. Will there be radical change in Canada? Time will tell.

A lack of severe, serious and swift punishment for fraud, crime and money-laundering and independent auditors are key to accountability. There must be zero tolerance for acts against the state, and no institutional safe havens for crime.

This is the big theft of Canada and the Liberal party under the Elaine White file and my theft from Woodland Biofuels and my premarital monies out of CIBC and David Leuty and my matrimonial monies stolen via B of Montreal and damages to me via the TD bank. It is billions of dollars via the accounts shown by Elaine White which erroneously were fraud by Fantino and Cunningham and Roy McMurtry and Paul Martin and Cretien. Elaine White by Justice Patillo was deemed fraudulent based on a fraudulent document the Boxall report generated by Eric Cuningham. Elaine White was deemed fraudulent by Justice Coats who was fraudulent and had a conflict of interest and has connections with Hamilton mafia. The Liberal party killed Elaine whites husband in a USA jail as he died of cancer and the Liberals gave falsely Elaine White a criminal charge – as the senior banks and Mps were money laundering and doing fraud. Joan

-Joan Montgomery 2019 07 19