Lose the Banana: Don’t get caught in the Monkey Trap: Paul Shkolnik

By August 30, 2019 Liquid Lunch

Paul Shkolnik has discovered something that changed his life, and can change yours. It’s about attachment, and letting go can literally save your life. Buy his book here: https://twojews1.wixsite.com/website

A book like no other! Paul has struggled with multiple sclerosis since he is was 17. Now, at 50, he decided to show to the world his path to happiness and enlightenment .

This is a truly awesome inspirational book, and full of humor too!
From the Foreword:

​”When I first met Paul I thought he was a drunkard. I kept thinking that way the second and the third time I met him. And also the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth time. And a few dozens of further encounters as well. Let’s say that it took me a while to know him better.

Or so I thought. He still managed to surprise me when he gave me a draft of a book he was writing. Like a Cornucopia, Paul kept on giving! It was only natural for me to mistake Paul for a drunkard.”

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