Entrepreneur Membership:  ($300/year or $30/month)


  1. Special reduced prices to start your own show, podcast, or video creation.
  2. Banner display ad on website
  3. Free e-commerce immediately for your products and/or services (Listed on ThatChannel e-commerce store and LocalGoodz directory)
  4. Easy access to government funding and grant information
  5. Commercial in rotation on ThatRadio.com 24/7/365
  6. Up to four Liquid Lunch appearances per year
  7. 30 word print ad in every edition of ThatChannel magazine
  8. Free coffee, wifi, and drop-in privileges when you’re downtown
  9. Embeddable playlist (your TV station on your website)
  10. Earn money with referrals and commissions
  11. Effective networking and business relationship building opportunities
  12. Discounts on interview copies, studio rental, products & services
  13. Call-in privileges any time
  14. Become a writer in ThatChannel print magazine


Membership benefits may be added or changed from time to time. Members may cancel at any time. Some items may require payment for the entire year up front. It is the member’s responsibility to book the up to four interviews over the year. Missed interviews cannot be carried over into the next year, nor can they be more frequent than once per month.

Artist Level ($12/mo):

  1. 30 word As published in our Newspaper/Magazine (each publication.)
  2. This interview (one) free.
  3. Earn money with referrals and commissions