Mining Bitcoin And Other Coins: How To Make It Profitable

By July 9, 2019 Liquid Lunch

How much should you care about Bitcoin? This meetup is for beginners and enthusiasts familiar with the concept of cryptocurrencies. Bring friends for Q&A, Pizza and Networking!

The security of the Bitcoin network is provided by node operators, commonly known as miners. Mining involves burning energy to brute force cryptography. For their efforts, miners are paid with newly minted coins and collect all transaction fees from the block they mined.
The profitability of mining depends on your costs, which includes capital cost (Mining equipment, Cooling systems, etc.) and operational cost (rent, energy, labor) and revenue which depends on the price of coins, and difficulty of mining.

To discuss the mining industry we will be talking about:

Which coin to mine
ASIC vs. GPU mining
Cost of mining
Is individual mining profitable
Cloud mining
Energy consumption and CO2 emissions
Future of mining

Guest speakers:

Yan Katcharovski, Founder of CoinMiner, Project Manager at Apiqu (mining operations).
Vlade Shestakov, COO at GPUnity, producer of mining optimization software

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