Music/Audio engineering (for musical recording)  

$97/hr, 2 hour minimum, deposit required upon booking

ThatChannel is equipped to handle 16 simultaneous live digital audio inputs, perfect for live performances. Take the separate tracks home with you to mix, or let ThatChannel mix and master your song for you. Can also be combined with video services to get great sounding live performance video for your band or musical project.

Make yourself at home: Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, steps away from the Eaton Centre and surrounded by hotels and amenities, is a comfortable studio that can be adapted to your comfort. Featuring three keyboards, a Roland electric drum set and more, make recording your next record an experience of its own

Affordable premium sound: Analog meets digital in this one of a kind studio. We provide a unique, yet crisp, high quality sound, mixed in real-time on an analog board while being recorded digitally, and then further masted digitally in world class interfaces. Give your new album the sound and character it deserves.

Extras: Our facility coexists with a television studio on-site, which gives us the added advantage of live filming, documentation, and more, without you needing further external resources