Networking with Ma!ish: Lilli and Maike live from Frankfurt

By July 3, 2019 Liquid Lunch

The importance of networking with Maike and Lilli. Get more info on Comparing networking and general business attitutdes in Canada and Germany. If you’r’e in Frankfurt, get in touch with Ma!ish.

MaLish is a unique combination of two women going beyond standards. Combining their experiences and strengths in people management, financials, tools and system, communication, project management, (team) development and leadership, the founders Maike Benner and Lilli Rohde offer a variety of consultancy and coaching services to companies and individuals.

By using our professional and personal know-how we target the best results for your employees, customers and stakeholders. MaLish is creativity, curiosity, flexibility, motivation, leadership and innovation.

We see connections in a wide variety of topics, think of innovative solutions outside the box and start implementing them. We love sharing gained knowledge, helping to see the bigger picture and changing one’s perspective in life. We always go the extra mile for our client and help to create professional and personal success.

Be the captain of your life and embrace change.

Malish 2019 06 18 with Hugh Reilly and Susan Kuti