Sheri Therapy with Psychotherapist Sheri Rumack

By July 26, 2019 Liquid Lunch

Sheri Rumack ( talks about her psychotherapy practice. She is an experienced social worker who enhances her work with a psycho-spiritual understanding incorporating hypnosis.

She treats adults and youth suffering from depression, anxiety, panic disorders, spectrum disorders (ADD, Asperger’s, Autism) – as well as assisting families and couples in dealing with such family members.

She assists individuals suffering from very extreme trauma such as early childhood sexual abuse, victims/witnesses of crime, severe car accidents and the aftermath of suicide, using a highly personalized therapeutic style in combination with hypnosis in conjunction with EMDR.

As well, she counsels couples; assisting them in learning how to respectfully communicate, teaching effective problem resolution techniques (LGBTQ sensitive).

As a cancer survivor, Sheri has extensive hands on knowledge in easing the physical and emotional effects encountered with this and other chronic and life threatening illnesses. She specializes in assisting and supporting patients as well as their loved ones – helping them navigate their healing journey, replacing fear with faith and finding courage and blessings along the way. She provides services to palliative care clients in the end stages of their life as well as their family members.

Her therapy uses every crisis as a lesson, an opportunity and a chance for personal growth and happiness to follow.

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