Tesla Healing in Toronto for Whole Life Expo: Anya Petrovic and Tesla Metamorphosis

By November 7, 2019 Liquid Lunch

Anya Petrovic, founder of Tesla Metamorphosis (https://teslametamorphosis.com) is back in Toronto to teach this healing modality, raising frequency and using Tesla waves to heal the uncurable. Meet Anna this weekend at the Whole Life Expo at Metro Toronto Convention Centre, booth 90. She’ll be giving a talk Friday at 6:15pm and her main talk on Sunday at 2:15pm.

Anya will also be speaking at Alternity November 11, and will be giving a free seminar this Wednesday, November 13 at ThatChannel studios. Register on her website: https://teslametamorphosis.com

Add Tesla Metamorphosis to your list of healing modalities. Find out where Anya will be teaching next, or just get more information here: https://teslametamorphosis.com


You will access Tesla Waves, transformational healing frequencies which re-establish the optimal flow of light in communication with the Universal Life Force and promote profound healing of the body, mind and emotions. You will be empowered to heal others, heal yourself, your pets, plants, food, water, even situation. You will learn how to radiate Love, which is essential for healing and is also a powerful survival tool.


Discover hidden abilities you never knew you had. Transcend space and time to communicate with your clients on the conscious, subconscious and Soul level, to help unveil and heal hidden traumas, self-sabotaging patterns and suppressed desires. It can also help clients uncover their true life’s purpose! A special challenge is to do Tesla Soul Communication on yourself.


Learn the process that fundamentally enhances human potential across all dimensions and awakens latent talents and creativity in all fields. It initiates evolution on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Performed only once in a life-time, it greatly assists the evolution of human consciousness.

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