The Myth is Canada: What is a Constitution?

By November 26, 2019 Liquid Lunch

First it was a documentary to be made about the legal standing of Canada and it’s constitution. Now it’s a full-blown movement of Canadians in every province to establish a lawful constitutional basis that protects the sovereignty and freedom of each and every individual. Tired of ever encroaching government interference? Check out this conversation on establishing a constitution moderated by Doug Force of The Myth is Canada. Participants include Brenda Stettner (Saskatchewan), Curtis Stone (Kelowna BC), Hugh Reilly (Toronto Ontario), and John Mihalich, with participation from people from sea to sea to sea, including people involved in WEXIT, western Canada’s version of BREXIT..


The Charter of Rights and Freedoms:
Human rights and freedoms are essential for democracy to work. A democracy without human rights and freedoms is like a banana split without the banana, a computer without a keyboard, a bicycle without pedals, a game without rules.