The Story: Model Exposure with Vange Cain: South Asian Fashion Show!

By July 2, 2019 Liquid Lunch

Vange Cain introduces Karen P Goal who traveled from India to be on the (The Story Television Show) hosted by Vange Cain.

Karen’s Invite was from Yuva Rami who was the coordinator of this particular fashion show. Karen arrives with amazing attire and is part of the fashion show.

As we prepare to air our fashion show I speak with Charlotte Caunter about healthy eating and the benefits it has on the body.

Suzy Tamasay introduces the world to her new woman’s empowering magazine and showcases her attire as well

Mary Tamasay The was our jewelry supplier and Design Tv was with us filming behind the scenes.

Models: Olympia Tulpan, Christa Eve, Annie Brisan, Vange Cain, Jennit Mabelly

Makeup: Yuva Rani

Henna artistica

Photgtapher Andrew Mussington photography

Hugh Reilly & Chris Telford,

Special thanks:
Cliff I love you
Mama I miss you.
Talia you got my heart
Dad Mickey you the bomb

Thanks to everyone who was part of this Tv show I created , love Vange.