The Truth behind Cosmic Healing with Sir Chandan Ghosh

By October 31, 2019 Liquid Lunch

Sir Chandan Ghosh ( is in Toronto only for a brief period, so take advantage while you can. A former broadcaster with the BBC, Sir Chandan returned home to India and studied with the great spiritual masters in the Himalayas. He brings his tantric wisdom to Canada and teaches the scientific basis for cosmic healing. Accompanied by ayurvedic doctor Rakesh Modi (

Sir Chandan Ghosh (KCR, Order of the Knights of Rizal), fondly called Guruji by his followers, is an India based Tantra Guru, Tantric Gem & Rudraksha Therapist and Healer, Radiasthetist, Vedic Astrologer and Intuitive Life Coach. He is also an internationally renowned lecturer and consultant in the exclusive and unique art of Spiritual Healing using Scientific Principles.

Hailing from a family of a family of renowned Bengal Freedom Fighters and stalwart educationists on his father’s side and royalty on his mother’s side, Sir Chandan has been an achiever from an early age excelling in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities. His University Honours in Physics and Astrophysics from Delhi University sparked an early interest in the mysteries of the Universe.

After completing his education he embarked on a successful career in aviation at British Airways working as a flight operations officer, but soon thereafter found his creative calling as a pro photographer in the arena of advertising and in visual sales communications. This led to a career in Film Making where he worked internationally as a Director with commissions for ads, documentaries and short films for various International television networks and Industrial houses. During this time, for his very first short film, Sir Chandan was awarded the best director in the Anthropological category at the International Film Festival in Oberhausen, Germany.

After this whirlwind life from aviation to advertising photography to short film making, he finally found his true solace in the pursuit of the esoteric mysteries of Ancient India. It was while commencing research for a documentary on “AUM “(The primordial Universal Vibration) that he took a hiatus from the modern world and its everyday rigors and steeped himself deep into Hindu esoteric to discover his true purpose in life under the tutelage of his Rev. Guru and other highly ascended Spiritual Masters in the Holy Himalayas for seven long years. Just as in the olden days, his spiritual education was totally done through Oral Tradition, of the Guru-Shishya Parampara (Master- Disciple Tradition).

Armed with the secrets of the Ancient Sages and a unique sense of humor, which is his own, Sir Chandan has been humbly engaging with clients, nationally and internationally, from varied spheres of life such as film personalities, Industrial houses, politicians, corporate business representatives and anyone with the desire to heal or resolve health, wealth, personal, spiritual and psychic challenges, when all other avenues have been exhausted.

Sir Chandan imparts his wisdom by way of spiritual seminars and one-on-one intuitive life coaching, as well as through Gem Therapy and Vedic Tantra and Environmental Energy Healing by combining his academic knowledge of Physics with his Metaphysical knowledge from his time in the Himalayas. With this perfect combination of Science and Para science, Sir Chandan has attained the most perfect and balanced approach to get the result for any kind of Cosmic Healing with a 95% healing ratio.

Although Sir Chandan has traditionally attained his wisdom in the Ancient Vedic Tradition, he embraces the philosophies preached by all the other religions as well. In his own words, “No religious scripture preaches anything against humanity and every religious scripture shows you the right path to attain what we are born for, PROVIDED it is adhered to in its true essence”. His special emphasis is always on Karma. The whole Cosmic Gamut in one’s life is nothing but a synthesis of Karma, he says.

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