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It’s official, we’ve moved into age of video. Sometimes it seems that text-based web pages are a thing of the past, and some people just prefer to get their info in video form. That’s why we’ve created the video homepage – a concise video formula – developed by business professionals with over 10,000 hours of business interview experience – that lets potential customers and stakeholders know exactly what you have to offer and lets them start building their relationship with you immediately. And it’s designed for you to put right on your website if you have one, but at the same time living on Youtube and social media where it works around the clock to build your sales funnel. Even while you’re sleeping, Video Homepage is driving traffic to your web or squeeze page, or any other call-to-action of your choice. Once it’s online, you can promote it on your own social networks when you need to fill your sales funnel, and never again  lose a site visitor because all you have is text on your homepage. It’s like your whole website in video form – only better!


You get a 20-30 minute interview with a formula of questions designed to let potential customers and stakeholders start developing their relationship with the people behind the business or project, identify your goals and target audience, and elicit a call to action.

The long video is then condensed into an info-packed video that can give your site visitors everything they need to know to begin their relationship with your company.