Video Whitepaper $497

There has never been so much innovation, with innovative companies creating new technical solutions more and more every day. Take the blockchain sector as just one example….every new project starts with a whitepaper, which describes the problem, the solution in principle, details of the implementation, marketing approach, unique selling proposition, and a snapshot of the management team. Our team has extensive blockchain and technology experience and over 10,000 online interviews. Get a jump start on the others in your marketspace by providing this info in concise video form that allows potential investors and other stakeholders to make the decision to read through dozens of pages of dense text. Let viewers and visitors truly understand your business and opportunity more easily in video format and get the resources you need to achieve the success your project truly deserves.

The interview with your key spokespeople lasts 20-60 minutes, and is designed to give lay people, investors, and other potential stakeholders a good gut understanding of your project or technology.