We Are Speechmakers Stage #9 Our Fear and Doubt

By November 1, 2019 Liquid Lunch

A night of storytelling from the cosplay community. The five guest speakers will talk about their love of cosplay, why it motivates them, and how it has given them
aspirations to take on larger projects.

MC: 奈洛Naraku Cosplay
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Speaker 1: Save Me Lolipops Productions
Hiya my name is May_Kuma.Chan. Cosplayer, Model, Artist, and Youtuber.

Speaker 2: Direthunder
His name is Dire, and he’s been active for three years! He’s someone who dreams to inspire others just as others have inspired him, and has no plans to let anything
stop him as he keeps growing as a cosplayer! Please give him a warm welcome!

Speaker 3: Yozakura
Yozakura started cosplaying when she joined MiLKY WAY in 2014. In her speech today, she will be sharing some of her cosplay work as well as her passion for cosplay.

Speaker 4: Jules Artistry
I was drawn into the wonderful world of cosplay after a friend brought me to Anime North in 2015, and I’ve been doing it ever since. I started off sewing things by
hand, but have given up on that and moved onto making props and armour instead. I also prefer to cosplay male characters. For now my major goal is to finish off my degree in chemistry and environmental science, but on the side I make custom painted clothing.

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